Friday, 6 July 2018

Knots - White River of White Lies (2011)

For some reason we missed picking up a copy of the first Knots tape when it came out, so we were super happy to grab a copy from Bart Records mastermind Kevin Stebner during Sled Island.

This release is a much different affair from their second, power pop-focused tape. This is folky, pastoral and restrained. Perfect hammock music.

Tapes are still in print, and you can also pop over to the Knots bandcamp for a taste.

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FOZZY said...

So you say they're from Calgary; but did you know Calgary street punk acts are often manufactured, prefabs; process demos provided to a private business; assembling groups similar to Sex Pistols; allegations exist that Kidz; No Copies Left may be the only actual true straight edge hardcore punk band of Alberta history to be formed successfully, performing events, credible as punk while Calgary is practicing protocols of Zion, to benefit Jewry - Shulchan Aruch