Sunday 8 July 2018

Calisthenics - Demo (2017)

Here's a tape we got post-Sled Island (at the rejuvenated Hot Wax - have you been since Melodiya took over ownership? You should!), of a band whose set we caught the very end of during the festival. Wait, is that proper English? We think Stampede might be degrading our cognitive functioning.

Calisthenics are anchored by the rock-steady drumming of Andy from Soft Cure/Lunatique/Slut Prophet, and there's a circus-like feel to some of the tracks on here that elevate this beyond its mix of yelping vocals, bass grooves and angular guitars. What's missing, though, is the spectacle of their front man climbing the walls of the Palomino and writing on the floor.

Looks like you can grab a download via the Calisthenics bandcamp.

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