Thursday 5 July 2018

Allovers - Demonstrations Volume 1 (2018)

Despite their significant contribution to our tinnitus, the Allovers are one of our favourite lounge/power pop combos. And even if two thirds of the band are based in Edmonton (and even if singer/guitarist Matt Pahl is originally from Edmonton), we're claiming them for Calgary. And don't try to tell us different, we can't hear you over the ringing in our ears.

After years of lounging around the scene (and chasing up and down highway 2), these guys have finally put out a full-length album (which sounds amazing and we are quite enjoying). To accompany it, they've released a tape full of low-fi demos of their stuff. Which still has all the charm of their proper recorded sound and captures their Paul-Anka-fronting-the-Ramones-on-amphetamines sound.

We're not sure where you can get this. Word is it was available at Blackbyrd in Edmonton, but that's not really helpful for us in Calgary, is it? Otherwise, hit the Allovers bandcamp for their full-length LP.

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Unknown said...

Wow - I had no idea that was going on. But there's so damned much money to be made as a 41 year old part-time pop punker in Calgary. Everyone's just scheming to be the next Sex Pistols I guess. The allovers are sort of straight-edge I think but whatever