Monday, 9 April 2018

Red Autumn Fall - Departure (1998)

Speaking of Britpop (we did it! we NAILED that segue!), here's the kings of the scene, Red Autumn Fall. We've poked fun at RAF a fair amount over the years, but we're mellowing in our age, or something. When we posted their second CD a couple of years ago, we noted how... good it was.

And, uh, this one is also quite good. We like how compact Debutant is, but this one sounds better (is it the production? The mixing? The mastering? Our tinnitus?). And it's got both "Josephite" and "The Revenge of the Blazer Boys", so Gene is pretty happy.

If anyone wants us, we'll be sitting on the steps of the building that once housed the Republik, sipping gin from a thermos and listening to RAF on our Discman.

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