Sunday 8 April 2018

Lux - The Lux EP (1998)

If we had been astute (if we were astute?), we would have included a note in yesterday's Dino Martinis post that the band featured one-time CJSW Station Manager, which would have been a great segue into today's post, because we would have mentioned that the Lux also featured a one-time CJSW Station Manager, Maizun Jayoussi. Which would have been a lot more effective and readable that whatever words we just mashed into our keyboard.

The Lux is basically Brass with Jayoussi as a frontperson instead of Todd Kipp. So, the ever-present Britpop from the mid-90's Calgary scene. Which is a bit of a move from the first tape we saw her on, GASP! Maybe it's that 90's sound and Jayoussi's voice, but this reminds us a bit of Jale's second album. Which is a pretty obscure thing for us to be reminded of.

Anyways, get it from here.

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