Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Chixdiggit - Born on the First of July (1998)

If you took the time to read the liner notes from yesterday's Red Autumn Fall CD, you likely noted that the first band thanked was Chixdiggit - who also released a CD in 1998 (ha! another perfect segue!)! This second Chixdiggit full-length sees Young Dave Alcock taking on drumming duties, but to no less effect.

We forgot how many of our favourite Chixdiggit songs are one here - not the least of which is Calgary Songs Project finalist "Chupacabras," which we mention not just to relive the fun we had with that project, but also so we have another excuse to post this amazing video again:

This was re-issued not that long ago, so pick up a copy (if you don't have it already), or visit the Chixdiggit bandcamp.

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FOZZY said...

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