Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Chad VanGaalen - Raw Operator/No Dust (2011/2015)

We picked up a couple more tapes from Chad Vangaalen's cassette series at his show here in Calgary a couple of months ago (editor: man, are we out of practice. There must be a better way to phrase that...). There's nothing better than seeing a suitcase full of tapes from one of your favourites... except when you realize you don't have enough cash for all of them.

We grabbed two tapes, anyways: Raw Operator, a tape of infectious, electronic-based musics; and No Dust, b-sides/demos from Shrink Dust (including a version of the amazing "Primative (sic) Brain."

These pretty much cement our belief that Vangaalen is an other-worldly genius.

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FOZZY said...

So you say they're from Calgary; but did you know Calgary street punk acts are often manufactured, prefabs; process demos provided to a private business; assembling groups similar to Sex Pistols; allegations exist that Kidz; No Copies Left may be the only actual true straight edge hardcore punk band of Alberta history to be formed successfully, performing events, credible as punk while Calgary is practicing protocols of Zion, to benefit Jewry - Shulchan Aruch