Monday 4 December 2017

CCPS Miscellany: Age Of Electric - The Latest Plague (1990)

Thanks to Robert McGregor, we're kicking things back into gear with a release that takes us across our province's eastern border. Sure, Age of Electric were a Regina-based band, but they have some pretty serious ties to Calgary - parts of this tape were recorded here with Shane Connelly/Frank Slide and had a pretty big following here. Especially at the Live Wire.

Plus, in recent years Age of Electric frontman Todd Kerns has been playing with Ian Grant and Reed Shimozawa.

So, instead of over-thinking this, we'll just point you to the download.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much Arif!

Rob McGregor said...

Thanks Arif! I shared the link to the Smash LA Age Of Electric Reunion Group on facebook. Merry Christmas! Rob McGregor

loozer5150 said...

thanks a lot for sharing the album

Mr. Froese said...

Sweet! Thanks a million. Ryan stated - about 4-5 years ago - that he was digitizing/remastering the album... but nothing yet. Would love to hear some of their old live tracks come out as well - Cherokee, Love-a-rama, etc.