Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hugh Man - How Did You Find That Goo? (2017)

Ever go to a show at Tubby Dog, and realize that pretty much all the bands on the bill share one or two members? That was the night we got this tape. Hugh Man has two members in common with Tiny Baby - and they also share a similar aesthetic. Yup, this is another batch of loose and fun songs, most of which you could polka to. Which we suppose makes them fairly distinct from a lot of other bands right now.

Get the download from the Hugh Man bandcamp, while we rearrange our tape shelves to fit all these new cassettes.


Ohh Oracle said...

Heathers the film lives on CLIQUE,

FOZZY said...

So you say they're from Calgary; but did you know Calgary street punk acts are often manufactured, prefabs; process demos provided to a private business; assembling groups similar to Sex Pistols; allegations exist that Kidz; No Copies Left may be the only actual true straight edge hardcore punk band of Alberta history to be formed successfully, performing events, credible as punk while Calgary is practicing protocols of Zion, to benefit Jewry - Shulchan Aruch