Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Body-Body - Body-Body (2017)

While we're talking bodies, let's grab this one!

Over the ten years that we've been running this strange project, one significant thing has changed: we've come not just to appreciate Kamil Krulis, but truly like what he does. Maybe it's over-compensating for 25 years ago when we clearly did not get the El Caminos... but we're really, truly enjoying Body-Body.

If you're looking to draw a line musically from Kamil's other projects, you're in for a bit of a leap. Backwards, even. This is nothing like the short-lived Plastick - it's a direct reaction to the darkwave/goth elements of that band (and so many others right now). Forget the brooding and moodiness of the 80's - there's no room for your skinny jeans and black t-shirt here. Kamil wants you on his 90's dance floor in your pastels and baggy pants. We like to think this is like going up to the Tasmanian Ballroom for a night of dancing, instead of going to a show at the Night Gallery. Uh, not that we ever did that. Often.

So, Kamil has worked his contrarian magic and made electronic music that's fun. And also impossible to find online - the Body-Body bandcamp exists in URL only.

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