Thursday 19 October 2017

Waterbody - Waterbody (1993)

From Body-Body to Waterbody. And, yes, the styles are as jarring as that segue. This tape was passed to us up at Revival Records, and we've been struggling to find any real info about the band. We know Kevin Labcuk was part of the Rip Chords, and this band certainly follows in that band's stylistic footprints, but that's it.

Maybe you can help surface something here?

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Body-Body - Body-Body (2017)

While we're talking bodies, let's grab this one!

Over the ten years that we've been running this strange project, one significant thing has changed: we've come not just to appreciate Kamil Krulis, but truly like what he does. Maybe it's over-compensating for 25 years ago when we clearly did not get the El Caminos... but we're really, truly enjoying Body-Body.

If you're looking to draw a line musically from Kamil's other projects, you're in for a bit of a leap. Backwards, even. This is nothing like the short-lived Plastick - it's a direct reaction to the darkwave/goth elements of that band (and so many others right now). Forget the brooding and moodiness of the 80's - there's no room for your skinny jeans and black t-shirt here. Kamil wants you on his 90's dance floor in your pastels and baggy pants. We like to think this is like going up to the Tasmanian Ballroom for a night of dancing, instead of going to a show at the Night Gallery. Uh, not that we ever did that. Often.

So, Kamil has worked his contrarian magic and made electronic music that's fun. And also impossible to find online - the Body-Body bandcamp exists in URL only.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Bog Bodies - Beyond the Blonde Climax (2017)

We keep buying Bog Bodies tapes in the hope that one day we'll get used to their roller coaster of drum machines, processed vocals, guitars that sound like anything else, and random samples. But we haven't.

Still, "Fishnet Gusset Protuberance" reads like a band name that Mark Igglesden would come up with. So that means we're either getting closer or... something.

Looks like the physical tape is sold out, but you can get the download from the Bog Bodies bandcamp.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Chad VanGaalen - Light Information (2017)

Well, here's a thing. When Gene Poole saw that the new Chad VanGaalen album was getting a cassette release, he was pretty quick to pull the trigger and pre-purchase it. That said, we've having a tough time getting him to hand it over to our lead reviewer - Gene's decided that Chad's not from Calgary, but rather living on a completely different plane of existence than the rest of us.

There are a crap tonne of real reviews of this album out there. so we won't waste valuable drinking time re-hashing the obvious. Instead, here's our favourite track.

We will note, however, that VanGaalen's touring band effectively knocks out two of our favourite bands for a chunk of the fall. We can't blame him for taking Ryan Bourne and Chris Dadge with him, but - dammit, it feels like a long time since we've seen Sleepkit or Lab Coast.

Looks like the cassette version of Light Information is still available in the Flemish Eye webstore.

Sunday 8 October 2017

Hugh Man - How Did You Find That Goo? (2017)

Ever go to a show at Tubby Dog, and realize that pretty much all the bands on the bill share one or two members? That was the night we got this tape. Hugh Man has two members in common with Tiny Baby - and they also share a similar aesthetic. Yup, this is another batch of loose and fun songs, most of which you could polka to. Which we suppose makes them fairly distinct from a lot of other bands right now.

Get the download from the Hugh Man bandcamp, while we rearrange our tape shelves to fit all these new cassettes.

Saturday 7 October 2017

Tiny Baby - Tiny Baby (2017)

Tiny Baby is made up of people from a bunch of bands we like - Lunatique, Blu Shorts, and, uh, Singing Lawn Chair. So, of course we like this tape. These are sloppy, loose, fun songs that don't take themselves seriously - we don't think. Hey, we've been wrong before - it's better to pad these posts with a bit of uncertainty.

Get this baby from bandcamp.

Friday 6 October 2017

Singing Lawn Chair - Never Mind the Buckets (2017)

Finally! Something we've actually seen in the live!

Singing Lawn Chair is (at least live) one person with a keyboard and a drum machine. And a whole lot of introversion. We're trying to find a way to describe this tape that makes sense, and we're struggling - this tape bounces from low-fi guitar-based stuff, to low-fi atmospheric synth pads, to... uh, stuff.

We wish that Singing Lawn Chair had a bandcamp we could point you to, so you could help us figure this out. But they don't. They're playing tomorrow night at Tubby Dog - maybe we'll see you there, and we can talk afterwards to figure this out?

Thursday 5 October 2017

Torture Team - Torture Team (2017)

Here's another impulse purchase from that trip to Blackbyrd - and again a band that we haven't yet seen live. Sheesh, it's like we never leave our office/pit of despair.

Torture Team sits well alongside CCPS faves Aiwass - gothy synths, drum machines, minimalist guitars, and yelping vocals. We've been listening to a lot of CanCon new wave over the past year, and we hear a lot of that influence here (in a good way, 'natch).

Get tortured at their bandcamp.

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Erector Set - 2017 Demos (2017)

We picked up this tape as an impulse purchase at Blackbyrd a few weeks ago (pro tip to all you record stores: putting tapes at the counter is a sure way to part the CCPS from its paycheque), and haven't yet managed to catch Erector Set in action. We're pretty sure the band is fronted by PMMA's Ryan Kostel, and we're definitely sure that this is a more straight-up hardcore affair than PMMA. Which means we REALLY want to catch these guys in action.

Get it from the Erector Set bandcamp, if you're too lazy to go record shopping.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Vanta - S/T (2016)

We don't know how this 2016 release by Vanta snuck past us until now. We've seen this trio a couple of times, and recognize their guitarist from Racket. So, imagine Racket was given a whole bunch of amphetamines? That's pretty much what Vanta sounds like - ramshackle bursts of snotty punk.

Get it via the Vanta bandcamp.

Monday 2 October 2017

Blu Shorts - Blu Wave Music (2017)

Well, now that everything is mostly back up and running here at the CCPS, we're going to get to the big pile of tapes that's sitting in the office.

First up is this one from the recently departed Blu Shorts, a great testament to how good these gals (and guy) were. They pulled the punk of Hag Face into an arty corner of outer space - a mighty fine corner.

Get it from your local record store (maybe?) or the Blu Shorts bandcamp.