Monday, 7 August 2017

Rogue Pope - Rogue Pope

Well, hot damn! Sometimes you give up on ever finding a tape, and then it lands in your lap, completely unexpectedly. This Rogue Pope tape has been on our increasingly small list of holy grails for a while, so we were overjoyed when a rip of it showed up in a box of tapes and CDs from the legendary Frank Slide/Shane Connelly. We've wondered if this thing really existed - we only have a CD and an index card with notes, but we'll take it (the photo of Cal is stolen from Lorrie Matheson's facebook, and may or may not be part of the original j-card).

The only Rogue Pope we had heard prior to this was "Castles in Spain" from the Play compilation - these songs maybe have a little less of the psych influence of that track, leaning more towards the big, two-guitar rock of the Daggers, the band Brad Paffe would start shortly after this. We like how much Gregg Baekeland's vocals remind us of Djewel Davidson in places.

Go Rogue!

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