Wednesday 5 April 2017

Vacuum Rebuilders - Anything Else is a Compromize (2017)

So, we might have a new favourite band. Coming out of the Pee Blood Records camp, Vacuum Rebuilders are much in line with Glitter and Janitor Scum, and just as good. Or maybe better? There's something about this band that grabs us a bit more - maybe something bubblegummy under their sound that reminds us of the Throwaways. Confusingly, the band not only shares member(s) with Janitor Scum, they also do a song that's on the Janitor Scum LP from last year. If it works, go with it, we suppose.

Bonus points for taping over what we assume are their parents' old tapes. And reusing the j-cards.

We don't know where you can get this tape, but we highly recommend jumping on a copy if you see one.

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