Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Doe Eye - Six Song Demo (1995)

It's been far tool long since we posted any Primrods-related content, so we were overjoyed to receive an email last week from Derrick Denholm that read, in part:
Below is a link to my bandcamp page for a band I had with Garret and Leah in 1994-95. I moved to BC shortly thereafter, was involved with a group that became the Buttless Chaps, among many others. This is a good 4-track recording done at the time when Garret had been asked to join the Primrods. There is only one cassette copy in existence, and these tracks on bandcamp are WAV files I made from audacity transfers.

Hope this is of interest to you. Think: Rodan, Slint, Boredoms, TFUL 282.
Of course this is of interest! Doe Eye is way noisier than McClure's pre-Primrods involvement in Staasi Quartet, leaning more towards bassist Leah Van Loon's prior (?) band, Squat. Their gloriously sloppy cover of Blondie's "Anything Can Happen" is, well, gloriously sloppy. 

Grab it via the Doe Eye bandcamp.

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