Tuesday 18 April 2017

CCPS Miscellany: The Loved One - Tutti (1991)

We'll carry on with part of the Chris Boddy story today, and the band that Euthanasia evolved into (after they were Wickerman). A lot less early 80's punk, a lot more 90's melodic rock (we hear a lot of similarities to the Doughboys in this).

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Anonymous said...

Nice post! I think The Loved One were a kind of Cadillac of Worms/Euthanasia hybrid, no? (And didn't Chris Boddy produce "Let's Eat"?)

CWHamilton said...

Yes, Cam and Chris Body of Euthanasia formed the Loved One with Kelly of Cadillac of Worms and yes, Chris Body did produce Cadillac of Worms too.