Monday 17 April 2017

CCPS Miscellany: Euthanasia - Above Reproach Beneath Contempt (1987)

We're still in the Edmonton way-back machine, thanks to Corey Hamilton. We know Euthanasia from the one track of theirs on the Writing on Stone compilation, so it's good to have a full release from these fine early goth punks.

Timing is a weird thing - guitarist Chris Boddy passed away earlier this month, a big loss to the Edmonton music scene. Together with his brother Cam and one-time Calgarian Marty Chatrin, the band's sound evokes Killing Joke and other darker political punk of its era.

Get Euthanized here.


Team Awesome said...

They also had an EP titled "Living Heck" that I would love to get a digital copy of. Great band.

zer0 said...

cool. bought this tape at a record shop in victori bc called "the underground" (down the steps) when i was young. it had a photocopy cover so i snagged it. first "punk" tape for me. hey, it wasn't radio music or tv music so i wanted to hear something different and i didn't get out much. an introduction to something different. then on to snfu. after that... more reflective musics, no more beer and pussy rock... thanks for the upload.