Monday 27 March 2017

Heavy Mountain - Heavy Mountain (2016)

This one snuck in just after the end of the year, and sat in the pile of new(ish) tapes that we're about to head into posting. Which is a really awkward way of saying, get ready for a bunch of new tapes now that we've had a token posting of old stuff.

Kevin Stebner tipped us to Heavy Mountain when we interviewed him for our Unspooled podcast last fall. Heavy Mountain is his weirdo hip hop collaboration with Micah Stone of Rap X. This is, uh, weirdo hip hop. Stebner has mined a bunch of folk records and built loops out of fiddles, guitars and other acoustic sounds. The result is a strangely hypnotic and acts as an excellent foil to Stone's stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Grab this from the Heavy Mountain bandcamp.

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