Monday 14 November 2016

Various - 11 Objects Lost and Found (2001)

We received an email from a CCPS follower an embarrassingly long time ago, in which said reader asked if we wouldn't mind getting off our asses and finishing the work we starred in 2012 and post one of the remaining Catch and Release compilations. We said we would, and then didn't. Until now!

So here it is: 11 Objects Lost and Found. In the usual Catch and Release fashion, this is an excellently packaged compilation with a weird-ass mix of bands from Edmonton and Calgary. Kicking off with the excellent slanted pop of Shecky Forme (this is a band that has weathered the test of time exceptionally well), the CD veers off north for Edmonton's Parkade (not to be confused with The Parkades), Laura Palmer and a very early set of songs by Whitey Houston (that sound pretty much nothing like the band's other recordings thanks to the layering of a few samples/loops).

But the highlight for us here is the pair of songs by Rayovaq that close out the CD. We're pretty sure we've mentioned how much we loved this band and their scrappy, quiet-loud-quiet-loud guitar pop, the closest thing to Bettie Serveert our city ever saw.

Get Lost here.

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