Monday 31 October 2016

Leather Jacuzzi - Monsters, Narcs and Idiots (2016)

Oh, wow - Leather Jacuzzi takes us one step closer to the SIDS reunion we've been dreaming of. But then takes a left turn and drives into a wall at full throttle. Wait, how did we go from a walking metaphor to a driving one? Dammit.

We're being lazy and copping the same comparison to the Angry Samoans that everyone else has used because, well, it works. We caught one of their shows over the summer and were pretty much speechless - it was pretty much a steamroller of hardcore punk and wry humour (see "Here Comes Mr. Suck" for a prime example).

This tape was originally released in a super-limited run for the band's first show. We're indebted to Planet of the Tapes for re-releasing this. We picked up a copy at Melodiya, you can also grab it via the Leather Jacuzzi bandcamp.

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