Wednesday 7 September 2016

La Luna - Always Already (2016)/Tour Cassette (2015)

We usually try not to cover two tapes in one post, but we're going to make an exception for Calgarians-in-Toronto La Luna. The hardcore band moved east last year, and this summer hit a pile of trouble with their tour van in - of all the places - Newfoundland. Short of cash and facing a painfully high repair bill, they turned to their bandcamp as a way of raising money. Which we were more than happy to oblige, since it was also a way to grab a couple of goodies that otherwise we wouldn't have been able to.

Their 2015 Tour Tape is a quick two-track blast through what the band does best (a BIG guitar sound, lead singer Vanessa Gloux's vocals and great dynamics). Always Already, their 2016 LP (on tape? we're still confused when bands do this) is a steamroller of emotions that - for us - shows how amazing Nicolas Field's guitar work can be, blending math rock and hardcore into a tasty mix. 

We suspect the band is still recovering from the bills they accumulated on their summer tour; help them out and grab these tapes and/or the downloads via the La Luna bandcamp.

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