Wednesday 21 September 2016

Feel Alright/Century Palm - Split Cassette (2016)

Following on our last post from a bunch of Calgarian ex-pats, here's a split tape that local fellers Feel Alright and uh, Calgarian (and Lethbridge) ex-pats Century Palm that was put out over the summer for the tour the two bands dig of eastern Canada. Huge thanks to Jesse Locke and Kevin Boyer for helping us get a copy!

The Feel Alright side repackages a bunch of tracks that were originally on last year's excellent but completely unattainable Softies cassette. Feel Alright are one of the local bands we really can't get enough of. Craig Fahner is mining a great bit of early 70's power pop, living in an alternate reality where punk may never have happened. Or if it did, it stopped being fun. The perfect power pop of "Telegraph Hill" is alone worth finding this tape for.

Century Palm's side makes us wish that either we had the brains to get out east to see the band, or that they had the money to get out here for some shows. Punk did happen in Century Palm's world (as they confirm with a Husker Du cover), but then it got stuck in the 80's - their cover of the Grapes of Wrath's "All the Things I Wasn't" is a surprise and a delight. This is a nice evolution from the work Andrew Payne did with the Fun Funs here in Calgary five years ago.

We're honestly not sure how to/if you can get this tape. Planet of the Tapes put it out, but it's not on their bandcamp yet. Maybe write to your local elected officials demanding that this be more widely available?

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