Thursday 22 September 2016

Corinthian - Eurozone Ghosts (2016)

This new tape from Deep Sea Mining Syndicate leader Evangelos Lambrinoudis II has been in fairly constant rotation in the CCPS offices for the past two weeks, only partly because it is such a good complement the unsettled weather we've had.

Corinthian tries to find a place somewhere between ambient noise, drones and techno, with one alternatingly giving way to the other. It's honestly difficult not to keep coming back to the name of Lambrinoudis' label to describe the sound here - this hypnotic and compelling tape does sound like deep sea mining. It's a shame that he's enabling our lazy writing style. 

The tape is limited to 50 physical copies; there was a stack at Melodiya last time we were in there, or you can grab it via the DSMS bandcamp.

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