Saturday 16 July 2016

Will - Aimlessly Lost/Justine

Here's the last bit of stuff that Tomcat recorded off the radio in the 80's. This sounds like a live recording of a pair of songs by Djewel Davidson and the Will that we hadn't heard before. We hit up one-time Will guitarist Joe McCaffery, and he tells us that this is probably from the latter part of the Brent Cooper era of the band, with Dave Stevenson from the Crying Helicopters on bongos.

Important question: was having a bongo player in your band specifically an 80's thing in Calgary?

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Djewel said...

Goddamn that's awful. I'm pretty sure I never titled a song "Aimlessly Lost" although damned if I know what I did call it. I do remember this session though. At least a couple of us (though absolutely not Brent) were doing some sort of white powder (PCP, I think, although it would've been marketed as mescaline at the time) off Dave's conga-drums in the studio. We were not well-loved for it. Hey, c'mon, it was the 80s. Djewel