Thursday, 21 July 2016

Slow Kids Playin' Fast - My Mom Says I'm Punk (1997)

Another tape from the Calgary all ages scene! This one is waaaay better in sound quality than yesterday's. Slow Kids Playin' Fast fit in well with bands like All Rights Reserved and Showdown '76. Despite the band's helpful caricatures on the inside j-card, we're still not 100% sure who was in this band, and what else they played in.

Update! We should have caught this YEARS ago with the original note below in the comments. Chris van der Laan has built a great little archive of tapes, records, and CDs he's been part of at his Boat Dreams From the Hill website. He's got a note about this one (and a superior download):

The first of two tapes Slow Kids Playing Fast released in 1998, the band never quite lived up to its name in sound but came close with titles like "Cool People = Sucky" and "Jizz On Blowpop", a reference I still don't understand despite having made up the title myself. Recorded and mixed over the course of five or six hours at a recording studio inside a trailer, the engineer was so enthusiastic about the project that he simply let the tape roll and left to make lunch. Undaunted (and unaware this was not usual procedure), the band powered through every song they knew and then made 35 copies to sell at shows they'd only find out they were playing when they'd see their name on handbills (true story). An instrumental recorded during the session, "The Adventures Of Thrasher And Longman", appears here for the first time.

Sheesh, think of all the pain we would have saved you if we had caught this four years ago. Shoddy work! Which is pretty much par for the course.

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Music from this tape sourced from the master CD (as well as the band's second demo tape) can be downloaded in the "other stuff" section on