Sunday 17 July 2016

Nothing - Feverbliss Cop Out (1994)

Following yesterdays post, we finally have an excuse to to share this CD compilation that Djewel gave us a few months ago.

Nothing was the precursor to Yr Scapegoat and Pitchin' Woo, with a pretty fantastic line up of players from both of those bands. This is sloppy, thick garage rock that was probably way out of step with other stuff in the Calgary scene in the early 90's - but wouldn't be so out of place now. We're pretty sure we saw at least a few bands that sounded just like this during Sled Island - except without the brilliant frontmanship of Djewel.

Listening to this, we're also reminded that Djewel has never been afraid to recycle; the lyrics from Nothing's "Better Nights" shows up as "(Gotta) Justify You More (Than I Do Myself)" on the Ex-Boyfriends' To the Lowest Bidder double LP.

But you'll probably want to listen to this just for the band's take on the Ohio Express' "Chewy, Chewy." A mouthful of good things indeed!

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