Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Jon American Car - Demo

One of the requests that has come into the CCPS offices over the years is about, well, what we're posting today. Huge thanks for former Chapter 16/Chupacabra member Yutaka Dirks for getting in touch with us last month and passing us a pile of tapes. We're starting with this because, well, the people demand it.

Yutaka describes Jon American Car as "members of AKA go emo", and we can't argue with that because (a) we're not sure who was in the band (so we'll assume it was members of AKA) and (b) it does sound a lot more emo than anything AKA did.

We're having difficulties tagging the songs on this tape; both sides are unlabeled, and there is effectively one track on each side (and a crap load of empty space). One track may be two that bleed together. We're extremely unsure.

What else is new?

Update: thanks to Shaun Cowan for filling us in on the band membership via our facebook page. Membership included folks from Nine Miles to Morgan and AKA/All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

I still remember one of those songs was "old faithful" but won't be able to tell you which one.

Unknown said...
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jeffry said...

Thanks for posting. Found more info here: John American Car - Old Faithful

Url: https://www.discogs.com/release/5636456-John-American-Car-Old-Faithful

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