Saturday 9 July 2016

CCPS Miscellany: Second Wave? (1980)

Here's a second clipping that Rodney Guitarsplat Brent sent us, a nice companion to last week's clipping from 1979 about the new wave scene. Nice to see that Muretich was jaded even in 1980.

Second wave?
James Muretich
Calgary Sun, September 23, 1980

Last week I got a call at home from a friend who plays in one of Calgary’s new wave bands.

“Has someone told you to swear off new wave?" he asked in his usual direct manner. He wanted to know why I hadn't been out to any local gigs in the last while.

It was simple. What I had seen leading up to and culminating in a punk night at Stampede Grounds during Stampede discouraged me. The scene was stagnating, if not degenerating.

As well, in the words of one of the Hot Nasties‘ tunes. the whole scene was turning into a fashion show. More people were watching each other than dancing or getting off on the music. If you want to know what I mean just listen to the ad the National Hotel has on the airwaves to let you know it‘s into new wave. Sickening.

However, after catching the Remains (also known as Agent. Orange) and the Sandwiches at the Odtlfellows community hall on 9 Ave. S.W. last Saturday night. I must admit things are looking

I got the feeling the stagnation may be over and the second wave beginning. Even my good friend, David Wilkie from CFAC (country) radio. was caught up in the tide of energy which swept the

The Sandwiches impressed me - the group has improved since getting back together in August after a brief, amicable breakup.

The band‘s music isn’t all relentless energy anymore but shows an ability to use different rhythms and even indulge in the occasional solo.

Musically, each member played like never before. The Sandwiches have become tighter, more varied, without sacrificing the energy and spontaneity which have always been its trademark.

As well. the first band up, billed as Agent Orange but preferably known as the Remains, really got the dancing crowd going with some fast-paced rock. The use of keyboards gives the band added punch.

With that said and with many of the other local bands, like the Sturgeons and the Verdix releasing independent singles and doing more original tunes, it looks like it might not be such a bad winter here
after all.

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