Friday, 22 July 2016

Alex P. Keatons - Turmoil (1998)

We're saved (slightly) from the past few days' trend of posting tapes and having NO idea who was in the band by  (of all things) the discogs entry for this tape from the Alex P. Keatons. Kind of. We snagged two last names from that post, but not much else. We've listened to the tape a couple of times, and it's kind of, well, pre-emo hardcore.

Or something?



The line up was: Ryan Kilpatrick - vox. Danny G. - bass. Mike Anderson - drums. Treva Bach - guitar. Jeff Kraft - guitar.
This was a snippet of an awkward teenage period where we were evolving from the aftermath of the mall punk explosion of the 90s, while being very influenced by old school American hardcore, while simultaneously getting into emo hardcore (a whole different beast in those days compared to now), and Profane Existence style political crust. Boy were the 90's ever a dark time for punk.
-Jeff Foat Kraft.

Noname said...

Slight tweak- vocals are Ryan *Kirkpatrick* and Danny G is Dan Gillean.

But the real question is how can I get a copy of this tape??

Unknown said...

I was telling my friend today about my old punk band from 20 years ago. Very cool to find this post. Thanks. I might have a few tapes left?

Unknown said...

Not sure if you'll see my comment unless I hit reply. So here ya go