Thursday 2 June 2016

Unspooled: Episode 7 - The Now Feeling's "Brand New Set of Lies"

Oops! We missed getting our stuff together yesterday to post this month's episode of Unspooled on the same day it aired on thee mighty CJSW's Saved by the Bell.

This month's episode is a real treat - we're going back and forth through time with the Now Feeling, as Allen Baekeland and Terry Tompkins recount their past thirty-plus years of making music and the track "Brand New Set of Lies" off their 1988 tape, From Haloes to Lampshades.

To make up for not getting this posted in a timely fashion, we're going to also suggest you check out the Now Feeling bandcamp for the re-recorded versions of their early songs, as well as the video for the Lost and Profound version of the song:

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