Sunday, 1 May 2016

Von Zippers - Nothing Can Bring Me Down (2011)

Returning to his favourite theme of being brought down (or, more specifically, not being brought down), Al and his no-longer-pointy-hatted band of merry men put out all of the stops (or at least keyboardist Chris Nevile does) on the Twightlighters' "Nothing Can Bring Me Down" and then lay into the Rising Suns' "I'm Blue". Two sides of Texas garage rock covers, which we can't really argue with. We know some folks kind of wish they played their old material (which, to be fair, leaned heavily on covers as well), but we really like what they're doing these days. Al is - as he always has - teaching us about records we really should be listening to.

Also of note - this record sounds huge and not like the fuzzed out affairs of the 1990s, thanks to Rob McAlister's production work.

We're pretty sure you can still get this record around the shops in Calgary - or at least from the Lemon Sessions' bandcamp.

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