Sunday 8 May 2016

Sleepkit - Champion Weekend (2016)

May as well make it a Ryan Bourne psychrock freakout weekend. While we really like the Holgans tape we posted yesterday, we LOVE this Sleepkit tape.

The first time we saw Sleepkit, they blew our minds. Where Holgans' psychedelia slithers around in the grass, Sleepkit's is floating in space. Marie Sulkowski's analogue Farfisa Synthorchestras and voice float around the upper registers like a satellite piloted by a cosmic Kate Bush, with Bourne's bass beaming instructions from its command centre on the moon.

We could go on and on about this tape - but instead we're going to tell you to watch the video for the lead track "Constantinople," which takes the bassline from Trans X's "Living on Video" and launches it into the sun:

Get the tape (or the download) from the Sleepkit bandcamp.

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