Friday 6 May 2016

Oxeneer - Worn Out (2016)

As we've stated before, the CCPS isn't super conversant when it comes to local metal (or metal at all). So we were super surprised when we found ourselves totally, totally enjoying last year's tape from the Weir. It follows then, that we also like this new tape from Oxeneer, a band which is made up of two thirds of the Weir.

With so much overlap between the bands, it's impossible for us not to compare the two. Oxeneer takes the sludgy riffs of the Weir and - as if to make up for having one less member - speeds them up. It's being like you've accidentally put a Weir LP on at 45 instead of 33. Where the Weir lets their riffs hang suspended in the air, Oxeneer takes them and pounds them into the ground.

Go say hi to Eddie at Melodiya and buy this tape from him, or grab it from the Oxeneer bandcamp.

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