Saturday 7 May 2016

Holgans - Holgans are Dead (2016)

We made a big deal when we finally snagged a copy of the first Holgans tape last year (a couple of years late, as usual). So you can imagine our excitement to get another volume of psychedelia from Ryan Bourne and Kiarra Albina.

This is reportedly a collection of the final recordings of the band in its current form, made over the past couple of years. We assume that the band is transmogrifying into its next form, like some kaleidoscopic Pokemon deep in its underground lair. Which is too bad, because this form is pretty amazing - this tape is lush, cinematic and full of colours and textures that prove that pretty much anything Ryan Bourne touches is genius. These six songs are absolutely solid nuggets of psych pop.

You can also get this one from Eddie at Melodiya (or Dave at Sloth), as well as via the Holgans bandcamp.

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