Thursday, 19 May 2016

Gawker - Demo (2016)

Speaking of tapes we'd forgotten about... uh... we forgot about this one that we picked up at Melodiya a couple of months ago. What can we say? The CCPS offices are a bit cluttered (memo to selves: get our STEP student working on that tomorrow).

Anyways, our cursory internet research tells us there is some overlap between Gawker, Crack Cloud and Dri Hiev. Also, naming themselves after a popular website makes internet research difficult. This is bratty, sloppy punk. We actually had to listen to this tape three times to make sure we hadn't missed something because we got distracted for like two minutes and then the tape was over - they packed six songs into about 8 minutes. They also put more tempo changes into one and a half minute songs than you would have thought possible. Or sensible. But, hey, it works.

Get the tape from the Gawker bandcamp.

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