Thursday 5 May 2016

Fire Engine Red - 1530 (2015)

We were trying to find a good transition point from that binge on Von Zippers vinyl to a bunch of new tapes that are in the CCPS offices, and we think we found it. Literally. We were given a copy of this a few weeks ago at Fire Engine Red's reunion show, and we managed to tuck it away somewhere "safe" (ie: somewhere we'd forget about it completely).

So, here we go with what is effectively the third time we've posted this masterpiece from Fire Engine Red. You could call it redundant or annoying, but we're going to call it an impeccable attention to detail. The deal is this: last year for Cassette Store Day (who knew, right?!) Texas label Some Weird Sin did a very short run re-release of this tape, along with new liner notes (with a questionably amazingly accurate band bio by Gene Poole) and cover art more true to what the band had originally wanted. We might have preferred a vinyl re-release, but we'll take this. Especially since we had the reunion show to enjoy.

Looks like you might be able to buy a copy from the Some Weird Sin bandcamp.

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