Monday 25 April 2016

Von Zippers - Hot Rod Monkey (1997)

As we were re-filing the 7" records we've been posting over the past while, we realized that by some major oversight we had neglected to post some of our absolute favourite 7" records from this city - the ones by thee mighty Von Zippers. Only one thing to do, then - fix that oversight! And fire whoever was in charge that day. Unless they already quit.

Anyways, the Von Zippers put out a pile of great garage rock singles in the 1990s, which ended up compiled on their Blitzhacker CD (if you want non-crackly versions of these, go find the CD, chump). We'll start with this one, on German label Screaming Apple Records. We like the Von Zippers. We also like monkeys. So we really like the A side of this - but the B side is also really good.

All right!

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