Monday 4 April 2016

Taboo Shackles: Unshackled - The Unreal Story and Unexpected Reunion of the Taboo Shackes (2016)

If we'd been a bit more prescient (ha! the story of our lives!), we would have posted this last Friday, to mark April Fools' day. But we weren't and didn't, so let's just get on with it, shall we?

This link was sent to us via long-time Sun music writer Dave Veitch. This video claims to be "a documentary on short-lived but hugely influential Calgary band The Taboo Shackles. The low-budget film has already been heralded by critics as the most revelatory music film since From Justin to Kelly." It features interviews with Toma Walt Ohama, Terry Tompkins, Janine Bracewell, Conan Daly, Jeff Kusher, John Rutherford, Mike Bell (who goes all out in his vitriolic take-down of the band) and Zenon West. It's full of bullshit, of course.

Sure, the Taboo Shackles existed - they were a bunch of Mount Royal College journalism students with a penchant for fun and silliness - but their importance is heavily hyperbolized in this Spinal Tap-esque documentary that digs into a lot of Calgary music scene nerdery. 

Actually, it's kind of like someone wrote a movie just for the CCPS to enjoy. And boy oh boy, did we ever enjoy it. We suggest you sit back with your favourite beverage and give this a watching.

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Edwin Mundt said...

The Taboo Shackles have left a legacy that will last a lunchtime.