Monday 18 April 2016

Cal Cavendish - Wild Rose/Rig Pig

We forgot all about this record when we were posting weird 7" records from the CCPS collection last month - we actually found this under a stack of other records. That we had also forgotten about. We think we need to do some filing.

Anyways, we figure this one is worth a proper post, since (a) Cal Cavendish is somewhat legendary and (b) we really don't know much about this single. For those who can't quite place the name, Cavendish is the guy who dropped a load of manure and records on the city from his airplane in 1975. David van Belle and Kris Demeanor made his story into a production for the 2010 High Performance Rodeo,which we stupidly missed.

Anyways, there's no year on this single, nor is there any record of it (that we can find) on the interwebs. Maybe this is one of the records that he lobbed on that fateful day?

Who knows?

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David van Belle said...

The single Cal dropped was "Government Inspected", kind of a novelty song. I don't have any copies of that one, but Cal gave me a copy of the single you've got up here. Thanks for referencing the show! Whenever we did a performance, Cal would come up afterward and do a little mini-set and the crowd always lost its mind. Cal's still in Calgary, getting up there in years, but still dreaming big.