Sunday, 14 February 2016

Xrated - Paradide (1992)

Our metal tape weekend continues with another regular of the Live Wire, the tragically-named Xrated. We were kind of scared to put "xrated Calgary" into Google, but Google gave us only the choicest links to, uh, not as much porn as you'd think.

In fact, we found out that:
The year was 1991 the band XRATED out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada set a record by being the only all original band in Calgary to play the local club scene without being signed to a major record label. The band "Rainbow Warrior" would play cover songs and be the opening act. XRATED went on to record 12 songs but only released a indie 6 song limited edition EP. XRATED also played with acts Alias, Chrissy Steel, and Blue Oyster Cult. XRATED disbanded in late 1992. Chris Challice went on to play drums with Calgary's 'Raw Trixx", unfortunately timing is everything and "Hair Metal" was on it's way out to the Seattle music scene, Fast forward to 2011 and Chris Challice now plays drums with SONY recording artists KILLINGER.
This was apparently the only video the band made:

Get it tonight!

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