Sunday 21 February 2016

Moss Harvest - Iliac Viscera (2015)

Thanks to Evangelos Lambrinoudis II (of techno/noise outfit Corinthian) for getting in touch with us and passing us copies of his first releases on his new tape label, Deep Sea Mining Syndicate, which is "focused on ambient, noise, drone, techno, electro acoustic and experimental music."

The tape we're holding in our hands right now (okay, between our knees, because we're actually typing right right now) is gorgeously designed and features compositions by Matt Harrison that completely fit the description above. Yep, it sure does. Actually, our intern says that this tape sounds like the label name - a bass drum thumps away like a mis-tuned sonar, while drones and groans fill the silence as the submarine crawls along the bottom of the sea. Or something.

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