Thursday 25 February 2016

Milk Toast - Your Band Sucks & Punk's Dead (2016)

Apparently we've been around so long that all of our favourites from when we were 20 years old are now being discovered by bands who are now in their 20's. And, thankfully, it's the good stuff. Milk Toast are mining that great, almost-forgotten, naive mid-90's indie pop that made labels like K Records and Creation so great. They're equal parts Heavenly, Pastels and Pooh Sticks. Okay, maybe mostly Heavenly. It's amazing to hear a band with those influences - it makes for some super-catchy, unassuming songs and a great time. The low-fi production on this tape is perfect - it's like we never left Britain's 90's indie scene. Wait, we were never there to start with...

We also like how this tape is on (mostly) hardcore/garage rock label Pee Blood Records, for an extra bit of incongruity. But don't let that deter you - grab it from the Milk Toast bandcamp.

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