Friday 26 February 2016

Lab Coast/Diamond Mind - Split Tape (2016)

When we did this month's Unspooled podcast on Lab Coast, we edited out Gene Poole's twenty-minute intro on why they're one of his favourite local bands ever. We've had to lock him in the closet to get this post up without a similar incident, although as we listen to this tape again, we're realizing we're totally on his side.

With just two new tracks (and a pair of tracks from Edmonton's Diamond Mind), this tape is everything we love about this band: that low-fi pop sensibility, David Laing's half-mumbled but super-catchy melodies, and Chris Dadge's "I can play everything well enough" musicianship. We especially like how the two songs blend into the band's free-form improv.

Word on the street is that the band has a new full-length in the works that should be out in a few months. We're listening to these songs on repeat until then, and suggest you grab the tape from the Lab Coast bandcamp.

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