Tuesday 23 February 2016

Bog Bodies - Where Do The Nether-Velvet Slashings End & Where Does Orgasm Begin? (2015)

We honestly forgot we'd ordered this tape just before Christmas, so when it arrived at the CCPS offices a few weeks ago, we were puzzled at first (before we remembered we'd ordered it), then excited (because we remembered we'd ordered it!), and then confused again (because we listened to the tape).

Bog Bodies sure haven't mellowed at all with this, their fourth tape (their THIRD to come out last year). But maybe our ears have caught up with them, because we're starting to hear the pop and melody in these guys' demented songs. Listening through this, we get how well constructed this is - and it makes our brains hurt. As crazy as this stuff is, it's not sloppy noise - there are SONGS under there (even it they do have bizarre titles).

The tape's sold out now, but you can download the digital file things at the Bog Bodies bandcamp.

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