Tuesday 8 December 2015

Unspooled Episode 1: Jackson Phibes and Forbidden Dimension's "Martian Death Saucer"

There's no shortage of stuff to do around the CCPS offices, what with the tape shelves that need to be dusted and the bourbon that needs drinking. But when the good folks at CJSW invited us to contribute a new monthly podcast all about Calgary cassettes, we couldn't say no!

So, we're very pleased to share with you the first episode of Unspooled. This spot will air on the first Wednesday of each month during Dawn Loucks and Mike Bell's great new show, Saved by the Bell (that's from 4 to 6 pm, in case you're wondering). The spot will focus on a Calgary band, a tape they put out and a song from said tape. A shorter version will run on air, and we'll be posting an extended listen on this here blog via Soundcloud.

Our first episode is an interview with the one and only Jackson Phibes. Jackson took us back 25 years to the 1990 and Forbidden Dimension's Mars is Heaven tape. Want to know the story behind "Martian Death Saucer"? Listen below! This podcast makes up for our less-than-comprehensive original post of the tape!

And tune in next month for more great stories from Calgary's cassettes!


Iren said...

very cool... look forward to hearing more...

Glen Mullaly said...

No need to interview anyone else - just have Tom talk about a different song each show and I'll keep listening.