Monday 7 December 2015

Calgary Songs Project: One Month Until the Reveal!

Well, time flies when you're listening to records. And CDs. And tapes. And streamy things on the interweb. So it's probably high time we gave you a quick update on the Calgary Songs Project thing that we're prepping with Kenna Burima, in celebration of the High Performance Rodeo's 30th anniversary.

So, uh, we think we have the final list of 30 songs. There was heartbreak, gnashing of teeth, and, well, a lot of listening. But we're pretty sure we're there... some of the inclusions aren't going to be too surprising, but we do have a couple of things in the mix that are sure to perplex. But we think we have a playlist that represents the city, our scene and the High Performance Rodeo pretty well. We think.

Heck, we're not sure. There's bound to be a bit of regret tied up with this. Check back on Jan 7 for the list!

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