Thursday 19 November 2015

Weir - Calmness of Resolve (2015)

Here's another new tape... because that's all we've got right now. But this is a good one. See, we at the CCPS aren't very conversant in metal, even though we recognize how important it is to the Calgary music scene, and how heavily it has influenced a lot of our favourite bands. So, the new Weir tape is something we've been enjoying a lot.

We finally saw these guys live during Sled Island, and (partially because it was the last day of Sled and we may have been a bit durnk) had the weird sensation that time had been slowed down around us, or that we were watching the band through a thick stream of molasses. The Weir's brand of metal is slow, sludgy, riff-heavy and something we can totally get into. But, despite the sludginess of the songs, this tape is super crisp and really well done.

Get it from Melodiya or the Weir bandcamp.

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