Monday 9 November 2015

Soft Cure - SAD (2015)

Picking up on yesterday's Basement Demons tape, we'd be cuckoo if we didn't post this tape from their drummer, Seth Cardinal, next. So, we're posting this tape from their drummer, Seth Cardinal!

This is a pretty remarkable collection of bedroom pop that Cardinal has put together. It's quiet, introverted and shows a tremendous sense of, well, pop craftsmanship. We've always had a soft spot from the one man bedroom band, so this is a thing we at the CCPS have really been enjoying.

This tape sits really nicely next to Lab Coast's output. And like Lab Coast, Soft Cure live is a very different beast - taking the songs in a much louder and more garage rock direction. Which is equally as good.

Download this from the Soft Cure bandcamp.

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