Sunday, 1 November 2015

Janitor Scum - Janitor Scum (2015)

Okay, now that we've wrapped up all that collection and reflection for the first part of the Calgary Songs Project, it's time to focus on big pile of new tapes that's been, uh, piling up beside the stereo in the CCPS offices.

We bought this tape, and we're still not sure what it is. It's somehow related to the folks from Glitter, and while it claims to be from 1989, we're pretty sure it's not. And with the whole tape clocking in at just over seven minutes, this is the type of thing that blows by so quick that it's hard to fully understand. It reminds us a bit of the Topless Mongos, but that's only because we're too lazy to try to find something to compare it to that's not from Calgary.

Maybe you can come up with a better comparison after you listen to Janitor Scum on their bandcamp.

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