Sunday 8 November 2015

Basement Demons/Lunatique - Split (2015)

Back on to the new tapes! Except not new, we suppose. In the couple of months that we've been sitting on this, one of the bands on this split have, uh, split.

Lunatique called it quits over the summer, but this tape is a great document of their catchy and political songs. We're really looking forward to see where the folks involved pop up next.

The Basement Demons side is bookended by two typically noisy/shouty tracks. But the middle piece is a surprising little sound experiment that provides a nice counterpoint to their usual sound.

Oh, the cassette is this really cool clear, sparkly thing. We're not sure where you can get this physical tape, but there are downloads on the Lunatique and Basement Demons bandcamps.

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