Wednesday 21 October 2015

Calgary Songs Project: Three Days Left For Submissions!

Well, we're heading into the final stretch of the public input phase of the High Performance Rodeo Calgary Songs Project. After this, we'll consult the runes to come up with our final list of 30 songs, and Kenna will head into her magic castle and prepare the composition for the carillon. Exciting times!

Of course, we still have a bunch of top 5's (and, top 10's. And, uh, top 12's) to share with you. So, onwards!

Lori Hahnel - Writer
“What a Way to Run a Railroad” -- Huevos Rancheros
“Hillcrest Mine” – James Keelaghan
“Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” -- Karl Roth

“Armando’s Fire” -- Oscar Lopez
“The Fool is the Last One to Know” – Billy Cowsill and the Blue Shadows
Chris Vail - Musician, No Baby
The Primrods "Alright Tokyo"
Straight "The Obvious Things"
The New 1-2 "Pressures On The Eye"
Ryan Bourne "Many Creatures"

Aaron Booth "Sleep In Cinescope"
Dave Muir - Sloth Records
The Sturgeons - Punk Rock Virgins
The Quitters - Feel Alright
Forbidden Dimension - 13 Bloody Graves
Color Me Psycho - Sacred Valley Penetration
The Daggers - Nowhere to Go
The Neckers - Have Love Will Travel
Wagbeard - Alpha
Von Zippers - Bad Generation
Knucklehead - North of the 54

Squat - I Hope You Die
Fake Cops - Snake Eyes
Pussy Monster - Pussy Machine
Eddie Dalrymple - Melodiya Records

Lucid 44 - Yellow Dress
Stalwart Sons - Shared Cup
SIDS - Who ya gonna take to the prom
Chad Vangaalen - Graveyard
Mount Analogue - Mother Fluxus
Jeff Burns - Recordist
The Quitters - Levitation
The Parkades - Attack Me
Primrods - Santa Lucia
The Von Zippers - Cracked Judy

Beagle Ranch - Mr. Ordinary World

Well, that's a pretty long list - and a bunch of stuff that hadn't been mentioned yet. What else are we missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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